Can't log in because verification e-mail never arrives

Hi, I tried to make a GitLab-Account a while back. Unfortunately when I try to log in I always get “You have to confirm your email address before continuing” But I never get any emails, no matter how often I click resend. I managed to sign in with GitHub but that added a “1” at the end of my name, since the original name was already taken - by me. :frowning:


Same issue here.

@rstefanov @jiDOK is this still an issue? Can you try the resend option?

Works OK for me now. My email verification arrived, all of my “stuck” imports have finished and I was able to import a few new repos without issues.



It’s still not working here unfortunately. Could you give me the email address that sends out the verifications? I don’t have a spam folder in my email account, but I can try to whitelist an address, so it is not rejected. Not sure if that is the problem, though…

I’ll transfer this to support. In the meantime, here’s the email configuration

As stated in

If you have an issue accessing your account, please use the support web form so an admin can help you.

Thank you

Same issue here, i use my company mail to create the account, but after 3 days, there’s still no confirm email receive.
Can anyone assist me on that?

Thank you

Hi there! Please reach out to account support via the support portal so someone can help you with your access!