Guys, can you let me pay you?

Sorry to post this here, but nor sure what else to do. The license of the self hosting Gitlab we were using ends tomorrow, and after several messages to, and also trough its contact form (didn’t find another ways to contact them), the last week and this one, I still didn’t get a one single reply.

Basically, we want to pay for the license, but we don’t know how to do it. Can you point me how to move forward with this? It is quite urgent.

Hi @Guillermo,

Apologies for the delay. Could you give us some details about your account (feel free to send a private message directly to me), so that we can reach out to the Sales team and sort it out?

Hi David, thanks for the quick reply, not sure how to send you a PM? Perhaps you could send me one and and then I can reply you?

Sure, I’ve just gone ahead and done that. For future reference, you can send a private message by clicking on a user’s profile and then using the “Message” button.