Why gitlab page keep redirect to gitlab login?

I hosted a static site on Gitlab.com and just while ago it still worked fine until now. If I login to Gitlab, I can access to my site. But if I log out and go to my site it will redirect to login page.

What’s happening?

I got myself out of this tangle. Yeah me!

The reasons my gitlab page was redirect to gitlab login is because the accessing Gitlab page privilege somehow was downed level to member only. All I need to do is go to Visibility, project features, permissions and set Pages access control to public. Happy ending :heart:

Post ending, after change to public access all the clients that had accessed to the domain need to reset cache or cookie. Other solution is trying to access a brand new path of the domain. For example:




Hey @ngdangtu. Any other reason why this could be happening?

Changes to Page access control to “public” but still no luck. It started after i’ve changed my GL page theme.
I use a custom domain (nwildner.com), but, whenever someone tries to access my site, is redirected to the default GL login page :frowning:

Btw, your site work fine on my computer. After you change the Pages access control, from the client site, you will need to clean the cache, and cookie. The reason is because GirlLove, ah sorry, Gitlab server use code 302 to redirect your browser. Anyway, you site should be fine for now.

I solved this issue through
Settings>>General>> Visibility, project features, permissions(Expand) and choosing visibility of pages for everyone

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