My website is not displayed and I am redirected to the Gitlab login page

こんにちは。私はgitlab pagesに成功しました。しかし、私はログインしたときだけしかサイトが見れません。私はGitlabをログアウトした状態でリンクに飛んでもサイトは見れません。代わりにgitlabのログイン画面が表示されます。また、カスタムドメインも401が返されて認証できません。ヘルプ!

Hello. I succeeded in gitlab pages.However, I can see the site only when I log in.I can’t see the site even if I log out of gitlab and jump to the link. Instead, the Gitlab login screen is displayed. Also, the custom domain returns 401 and cannot be authenticated help!

Hi @kuinlee! Welcome to our community forum!

I want to be sure I understand your problem 100%. Can you share some screenshots of where/how you are being re-directed to login? I would also be interested to hear what troubleshooting steps you have already tried.

I have seen what I think is similar to what you are describing in an issue from earlier this year. Feel free to take a look and verify if you are experiencing the same thing, or if it’s something else entirely. Eager to hear back from you,talk soon!


Hi @kuinlee,

I agree with @Linds, it seems like you’re encountering this issue.

It seems that GitLab Pages Access control is preventing you from accessing a GitLab Pages site. To fix this, you can use the workaround linked in the issue

I changed the “Page access control” to “Everyone” and waited for a few minutes and then the problem was resolved.

You can change this setting in your Project’s Settings > General > Permissions > Pages




Hi, Gitlab team.
Actually, a service company(MuuMuu Domain) taught me how. And "hubutui’s post was helpful.
Mr.Greg, It was the way you were written.
It has already been solved. Thank you a lot of. Kuni Kusunose

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Thanks for the update @kuinlee! And thanks for the help @gitlab-greg! :blush: