Is GitLab still open for business?

I’m sorry if this isn’t the place to post this but I’m literally out of ideas. My company just paid for over 60 licenses for the up-coming year of EE. There’s a problem with the license though and I can’t get anyone at GitLab to respond. I’ve sent e-mails to multiple address and submitted a support ticket but none of them have been replied to. Since there’s not a published phone number, there’s no one to call. Does anyone have an idea how to get in touch with them about this or are we going to just have to find another solution?



Can you try this link?

EE License and Renewals request


Yes. I’ve submitted a ticket there but still no response.

@kris.kersey Really sorry to hear about the delay. I just came across this and notified your sales representative that you sent in a ticket.

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Thank you TJ. After trying some last ditch options, I finally resolved this yesterday.


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@kris.kersey I’m really glad to hear that! Our apologies again for the long delay there.

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