Answer a Topic, Win a Custom Badge!

Provide a Solution to An Aging Topic, Win a Custom Badge! Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 10.58.52 AM

What would our forum be without our amazing GitLab community helping out?! Day after day we see you jump in and provide solutions to questions, and provide thoughtful insight. No matter how complex, we can count on you to go above and beyond - so thank you for being awesome!

It’s time to earn your chops as a forum contributor by addressing some of the aging, and perhaps trickier topics that come up in this forum. This is your chance to earn a much deserved custom BADGE designed especially for this initiative.

Become a Forum Spelunker!

Spelunker noun

Definition of spelunker (spe·​lunk·​er | \ spi-ˈləŋ-kər | ˈspē-ˌləŋ- )
:one who makes a hobby of exploring and studying caves, an adventurer unafraid of going to deep, dark places

During the month of May, we are inviting you into the depths of our forum in order to find solutions to posts that may otherwise be forgotten.


  1. Click into our Questions and Answers Category
  2. Scroll until you see a topic without a solutions checkbox :white_check_mark:
  3. If you are able to provide an answer (solution or not!) to a post that is over five days old, you will win the coveted SPELUNKER badge: Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 10.58.52 AM

Your badge will be awarded within 24 hours, and will display proudly on your profile for all to see. At the end of the month, the contributor who engaged the most will win free GitLab SWAG!

Happy Spelunking! :call_me_hand:

Click here to get started!


In only one week already ten of you have earned your Forum Spelunker Badge! :tada:

Well done:
@zacanbot @rainerkern @iryanjan18 @aovenden @vstoianovici @snim2 @jheimbuck_gl @jangorecki @christian.gilman @dnsmichi

Keep up the good work and you could earn SWAG!


Another excellent week of spelunking! Thanks to these folks who have earned their badge!

@130s @rtem @robinryf @ushandelucca @jo.walt @bleser @wl2776 @jpsaman @johanv @EndersGames @vsb2007

Keep the momentum up! We’re only half way through! :blush:


Another incredible week! Thank you and congrats to the following users who earned their ‘forum spelunking’ badge:

@easbar @alex025 @sskwrl @IgorKhlebnikov @instantlinux @emconsta @nicolamori @sba @steso666 @gitlab-greg @tmos22 @m3nda @Inet-KC @katrinleinweber @mary

Next week is the final week of this challenge, so make sure you keep answering: the user who engages the most this month on posts 5 days old or more, will win swag!

And if you believe I missed you in any of these posts, let me know!



We’re getting so close to the end of this initiative! Thank you to the eight new Spelunkers:

@taykangsheng @rydan313 @askya @annie_huang @peshto @agilob @krys_baka @burnArt

Stay tuned to learn who wins swag next week! And it’s not too late to get the most badge-worthy posts to win! :clap:


Congratulations to these top two Spelunkers!

@snim2 and @tmos22 !!

You two could have earned the Forum Spelunker badge 8 to 9 times over last month! Thank you for being such amazing forum contributors. Check your DM to claim your prizes! :blush:

And that is a wrap!

I want to thank all the users mentioned in this thread for making this initiative a success! Now there are more older posts with answers than ever before! I truly appreciate it, and keep up the excellent work!

Stay tuned for your next opportunity to win badges and other prizes! :sparkles: