Badge with wrong Name

I got the Course and Test finished but on my Badge is a wrong name and would like to get that fixed because a Badge with someone else’s name on it is worth nothing.

Tried to Contact the Support but they said do a Post here cuz i dont pay the Subscription. And Yes the 650$ doesnt count.

Please email the Gitlab Learn team as we cannot help you as community members.

Well as i said i tried that already Quote: “Tried to Contact the Support but they said do a Post here cuz i dont pay the Subscription. And Yes the 650$ doesnt count.” :confused:

I tried again an get the same answer: You are not a Subscriber to our support-system.

I’ve flagged your post for a Gitlab team member to address your issue. If you emailed them, they should deal with your case, just you will have to wait patiently. As I said, we cannot help you as we are community members, normal users of Gitlab - we are not Gitlab employees, and we don’t have access to the systems to help with such issues.

If you filled in the support form on their website which is for the Gitlab product rather than training, then yes, it will direct you here. But if you didn’t email then I suggest you do it.

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Thank you, well yes i did both 1. one was from the Ticket system and 2. a email to I got an Automatic Email back from both that they cant see a connection to the Support Subscribtion. I did attached a Picture with the Course that i bought but no Answer till now ill guess i just wasnt sure if they recieve it at all. But i guess i have to wait then thank you for your Answers :+1:

Hi @Sanarterra, I apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. This is not something our community can assist with, so thank you @iwalker for bringing this post to my attention.

@Sanarterra I was able to locate your Support tickets regarding this and I’ve reached out internally to request that someone assist you. I believe you should’ve received an update on ticket 212013 recently. Please reply to that ticket if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thanks!

@Sanarterra Hi Patrick! I replied to your Support Ticket already, but wanted to respond here as well.

I am seeing the correct name listed on our side. We can have Badgr open up a support request to resolve the bug on their end, or I can attempt to reissue a new badge if you are ok with that?