Cannot login to my account. My 2FA code is keep getting rejected

I am having a trouble logging in to my gitlab account. I enter correct user/email and password then I am prompted to enter 2 factor authentication code. I have the device for 2 factor authentication. I enter absolutely correct 2 factor authentication code from the device. But it fails to login. I do not have the recovery code either. So I cannot use that to login to my account. How can I access my gitlab account after all this is happening?

If you are a free user then providing that you had previously uploaded an ssh key to your account you can generate new recovery codes. See the docs:

If you didnt upload an ssh key then your account is lost. Gitlab no longer provide assistance for 2fa resets for free users.

If this is self hosted on your server then you can ask your server administrator to reset for you. Or if you are the admin you can do it as well.

There are plenty of posts about this on the forum had you searched before posting.

Hope that helps.