Can't disable 2FA

With my GitLab account I activated by accident 2FA.
I didn’t finish the neccessary steps because I dont want this.
I have a free GitLab account which has yet only one group, one member and one repo.

Now under Account Settings it’s now not possible to disable 2FA. It shows ‘register a one time password authenticator or a Web Authn device first’.
Why I need this? I dont want to do this.

Also now every time I login it asks again to “Verify your identity” and I have to pick the code from email.

After login I see also again and again:
“The group settings for XXXX require you to enable Two-Factor Authentication for your account. You can leave GROUPNAME. You need to do this before Sat, 08 Jul 2023 00:53:52 +0000.”

My question is now what happens if this time expires, do I will still be able to login?
How to get rid of 2FA or the ever and ever “Verify your identity” for my GitLab account?

Thanks in advance!

If using you can do it here:

However, the group you wanted to join requires 2FA to be enabled, so if you disable it, you will not be able to be in that group. If you don’t want to be in that group, then it’s OK, it just means you’ll be removed from the group after that date.

2FA secures your account, if you don’t want to then you don’t have to, but if any group or project on Gitlab that you wish to join enforces it, then you have no choice. Either you enable it, or you don’t get access to the group/project.

So it’s your choice really on what you wish to do with it.

Thanks for the answer! I could disable 2FA meanwhile. I asked because I wanted to know if there is another way than to download something from somewhere else in order to be able to deactivate something in GitLab.
Simplest way for me was to dowload winauth and use the code which was visible in GitLab group settings.