Can't Open the signin page. It keeps showing: Checking your browser before accessing

I went to and clicked on login. Now I am stuck on a page showing the message: "Checking your browser before accessing
This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly.

Please allow up to 5 seconds…"
I have been stuck on this page. I left the PC Overnight but no change. I tried clearing my cookies and restarting the PC, but no change. My entire workflow is stuck due to this, and the boss is yelling:(. Please help. I have already tried disabling the firewall. And the website is working on my phone, so I think its not a DDOS attack on the server. Hope you can help

What browsers have you tried? Was the phone on the same network as your computer or via mobile network? Try different browsers on your computer to see what happens. Maybe even in the browser you have issues with, open a incognito tab and try here so that we can rule out any browser extensions causing issues.

I have just tried and was able to login. Chances are it’s a routing problem, you could use one of the free VPN services, and connect from your computer, choosing for example a different location to where you are. If it works, then it means the problem is not your computer but routing issues from your ISP to the gitlab servers. Since your phone works, like it works for me, it means gitlab is fine.

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Thanks for the help. I isolated it to an anti-tracker extension which was running on both of my browsers. On Disabling it, the site is now working as expected. I have now added to its exclusion list and its now working. Thanks for the help @iwalker You are a lifesaver :smile: !!

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