Redirect loop on the sign-in page of when using the Tor Browser

Hello everyone,

I hope this place is appropriate for reporting issues with the instance. I found this forum by searching a problem I am having with the sign-in page and my search engine pointed me to this thread.

I am a happy user of Gitlab but I am unable to sign in from my favorite browser and this hurts my workflow. When connecting from the Tor network using the Tor Browser, the sign-in page of (, keeps redirecting to itself. The content of the displayed page is

Checking your browser before accessing
This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly.
Please allow up to 5 seconds…

By asking the Tor Browser to change its Tor circuit (as suggested here), I rarely manage to get the expected sign-in form but when I am lucky enough to get there ReCaptcha usually don’t let me in because it has already received too many request from my endpoint’s IP. So in my experience, connecting from Tor is technically possible but very cumbersome.

Please decide on a policy regarding whether or not you want users of to be allowed to connect from Tor. If you want to allow it, you can for example whitelist all Tor IPs or provide a hidden service. If you want to forbid it, please reject users with an error message instead of a redirection loop.

Thank you for all the efforts you put on the Gitlab software and on running the instance, and thank you for reading this!

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