Difficult upgrade

We need to upgrade GitLab 14.0.5 in a Docker container to Gitlab 15.02 installed on Ubuntu 20.04 (no docker). From what I am seeing the version jump may take several steps.

The folder layout is quite different. Is that because of the 14 → 15 jump or the difference between Docker and not Docker.


The last part of the recommended upgrade path (from Upgrading GitLab | GitLab)
13.12.15 → 14.0.12 → 14.3.6 → 14.9.5 → 14.10.Z → 15.0.Z → latest 15.Y.Z
(at the moment the last step in that path doesn’t exist)

So going directly from 14.0.5 to 15.0.2 is likely to cause problems, but I’m guessing that’s what you mean by “take several steps”.

I’ve never cared about how GitLab looks in a docker, but I guess it’s quite similar to how it looks outside. But with that number of recommended steps I guess it’s likely that there will be some directory layout changes. But as long as GitLab works I wouldn’t think the underlying directory structure matters, but if there is something you wonder about, try to be more specific.