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Since one year already, my team and I have been using GitLab. Although, we often - like, very often - stumble on error 500 (and more rarely, error 503).

So, I don’t know where to report that issue, here you go.

That error is randomly triggered, sometimes, just going on the repo’ details makes it appear, after a reload of the page it works though, and after a few pages browsed, we encounter it again.

The following advice is applicable for self-hosted GitLab instances, but irrelevant for troubleshooting

When you’re getting a 500 error, here are some steps you can take to help troubleshoot the issue:

You can check the logs for errors by running
$ gitlab-ctl tail
and then reproducing the 500 error (visit the 500 error page).
If you look closely, you should find some mention of the 500 error in the error logs. If the problem is not apparent, copy/paste the relevant lines of the error log here and I’d be happy to help make sense of it.

You can also run rake tests to find any issues with your GitLab installation.
$ sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:check --trace
$ sudo gitlab-rake db:migrate:status --trace

These commands will check for a variety of potential problems with your GitLab installation on the application and server level. If anything seems awry, copy/paste the output of these commands and I’d be happy to help diagnose the issue and find a solution.

Best Regards,
Greg M

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Hi, If you are experiencing an error on like you mentioned in the title, you can check or to know if anything is happening.


The thing is… It happens every day. And as I said, it happens very very very often during the day.

@myersg86 no… I’m talking about

@Elkia Sorry about that, I misread. The advice I gave was for self-hosted instances, not, as you noted.

500 errors are tough to pinpoint as the error code is vague and can have a variety of root causes.

If this problem is still ongoing, check to find out if there’s any issues.
If you’re getting 500 errors but GitLab’s status page reads “All Systems Operational”, here’s a troubleshooting guide that you may help fix the issue:

All the best,
Greg M

The first thing you need to know about an Internal Server Error is that the error can only be resolved by fixes to the Web server software. It is not a client-side problem meaning that the problem is not with our plugin. This is a ‘catch-all’ error generated by the Web server. Basically something has gone wrong, but the server can not be more specific about the error condition in its response to the client. In addition to the 500 error notified back to the client, the Web server should generate some kind of internal error log which gives more details of what went wrong. It is up to the operators of the Web server site to locate and analyse the logs which should give further information about the error.