Find your support level

I’m a lowly contractor working on a hosted Gitlab 14.0.12-ee of a company I cannot name and I have no idea what support we have and who the Gitlab admin is.

How do I figure this stuff out?

If you’re not 100% sure you need to contact support, you can try asking your question here. If we can’t answer we can probably say whether it’s a question for the admin or if it is for the support.

I don’t think there’s any way to make GitLab tell you, so you need to ask someone in the company (depending on how the contract work you do, you or one of your bosses should have a contact), but if it’s a GitLab 14.0.12 there’s a chance the admin role is not a priority for that person (or group of persons - the newest is 15.3.3 so it should have been upgraded), so while they can hopefully tell you which license they have, they might not care enough to answer that many questions.

Wow, what a crazy situation.

I have no idea who the admin is and it’s a big enough company that no one seems to know.

I would hedge a guess that it is the IT Department, so that will reduce the number of people considerably and then ask which one of them installed Gitlab, as they are also most likely the people that purchased support. So somewhere there should exist an email/invoice or whatever related to that transaction.

As you say you cannot mention the company name here, if the IT Department have no idea, or cannot find such data, they personally would have to open a ticket with Gitlab support for billing:

That link has the billing category selected. Therefore the company will need to open a ticket request using their company domain asking for assistance/information related to their support level. Gitlab should be able to find from the domain name/company name the appropriate information. But the IT Department at the company that purchased it should have this information as well. For me, it’s crazy that they have no idea of what they have purchased.