login page does NOT load in Tor Browser

Using Tor Browser, loads as usual, when trying to log into my account, the page keeps displaying “checking your browser” and reloading without landing on the log-in page.

This started to happen recently (few weeks ago), and seems to be specific to Tor Browser.

Did anything change recently? Is avoiding the tor network altogether?

Hey there! We haven’t blocked any browser specific nodes but yes we do have blocked a certain number of IP’s that are abusing our resources. Can you retry creating a new circuit and check if that works for you?

Hi, when I tried changing a cercuit, I got an “error 402” message. Then, just cut out the url part comming after “/sign_in”, loaded the page and could log in normally afterward.

I’ve actually noticed this issue while trying to RE-verify my email address after receiving the July 10th notice. So I couldn’t re-verify it due to this “browser checking” issue (even when changing circuits). Now that I am logged-in I can see my email as verified. Hope that means the email status is fine, even without re-verification.

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