Gitlab SAAS - Restrict membership by email


We’re using Gitlab SAAS and i’d like to enable the option to Restrict membership by email but it doesn’t look like the option is available, is there a way to enable this on the SAAS version, do I need to upgrade to Premium or is it only available on Self Hosted version?


Hey @pgrantuk, welcome to the GitLab Community Forum! :tada:

It sounds like you’re referring to the restrict group access by domain feature. Unfortunately, you’re correct in that it’s only available within Premium on GitLab SaaS.

Hi @Tristan

Ok, thanks for letting me know, can I just check, do I just need to upgrade the account that created the group to premium, all do all members of the group that are in our domain need to be premium accounts?



@pgrantuk The subscription of the group itself will need to be on Premium. It actually doesn’t matter what subscription any of your individual accounts themselves are on (they can all be on Free), just as long as the group is on a premium subscription and you’ve purchased enough seats to cover the number of members you have in that group.