How do I get a new license key after renewing our subscription?

We renewed our GitLab EE Starter subscription two weeks ago and haven’t received a new license key yet.

I created a support ticket over a week ago with no response. What do iI need to do to get our license key?

Hi Aoife,

Sorry for the delay. I’ve reached out to the team working on renewals I’m sure we can get it sorted after the weekend.

Hi, I am in the same situation, renewed a Starter Licence monday, we received the bill, the confirmation mail for the renewal but no mail with licence key or number.

I created a support ticket to, via the web form #114712, no response more than a business day after.

What can we do?

As it turns out, our email provider tagged the email with the license key as junk. The admin person that handles our GitLab subscription didn’t see it until after we had things sorted out with GitLab support. If you haven’t already, you might check your junk folder to see if the email with license key is there.

I did eventually get help with my support ticket, but it took quite a few days.

It would be really nice if the license key could be downloaded from the customer portal :slight_smile:

Well, thank you Aoife for your feedback.

Unfortunately, it’s not in my junk folder, and my email provider has checked and it was not blocked.
The license mail was never blocked when we added more seat.

I hope the support will answer me before 10 days, as the EE function will be blocked at this time…

And I agree, it would be very nice to be able to download the license key.

Well, for the feedback, the support answered me and sent me the license file. All is well.
I still don’t know why I didn’t receive the file on the renewal.

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