hi my name is Ender Walker

I am 14 and I am a web dev/game dev

I like to help solve coding problems because I have nothing else to do

if you need me contact me please shoot me a email at


Welcome Ender, and thanks for offering help! :slight_smile:

:hugs: I might have a challenge for you:

Some questions on this forum ask for updating many settings, list CI/CD pipelines, or otherwise automate things.

The GitLab API can help here. The challenging part is to interact with the API, or create a script in a programming language that abstracts the algorithm.

I started looking into python-gitlab, but there are other languages too (API clients on this page). Michael Friedrich / api-playground · GitLab shows snippets from the past 3 years.

:bulb: If you see a question here that may need an API automation, dig into writing a small script in your preferred language. It does not need to be perfect, but inspire users to learn and try. You can @ mention me when you are stuck, I can read many programming languages and feel confident in Python, Go, Ruby, Perl, C/C++.

:eyes: You might also find API attributes that are missing in the GitLab project, or otherwise want to explore the code to add features or fixes. A great resource to get started with GitLab and the development kit are described in Contribute to GitLab | GitLab I started my way with GitLab in similar ways - from using it to helping users to learn, to writing some API code, to starting to contribute. Applying for a job came later naturally :slight_smile:


ok thanks for the challenge i have been really bored i will try to get it done as soon as possible


school might slow the progress down

ok should i create a test project and try to do some api stuff on it

No worries. School is important to practice and learn, and find new knowledge that can help solve problems faster.

Yep, that would be great. My suggestion would be to make it public, so that everyone can contribute. I might look into it and send Merge Requests to help you get started too.

Maybe call it api-playground as I did? :slight_smile:

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ok i will do that