Lost 2FA, Gitlab Access Impossible

Some time ago, my 2FA app got messed up; I no longer have Gitlab in this one. There appears to be NO useful means to address this with Gitlab, which is utterly puzzling. Anyone know what I can do to recover my account?

Hi, please use search functionality before posting. This has been answered hundreds of times already:


Actually, I did search and didn’t find anything. Thank you.

You can generate new recovery codes using SSH.

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Seems strange that you didn’t find anything, since all I did was search for “lost 2fa”, and there are plenty of results with plenty of answers (that I linked in my reply above). They even include the answer of which @dnsmichi posted as well.

What if that just gives you the message:

git@gitlab.com: Permission denied (publickey).


Means no SSH key uploaded to account, you cannot reset or generate new 2FA codes. You’ve lost access to your account.