My account is blocked

Getting this message when I try to log in into account

Your account has been blocked. Please contact your GitLab administrator if you think this is an error.

I use GitLab for all my projects as a free user and never abused anything. It looks GitLab is useless and cannot be trusted for professional works or projects or GitLab is intentionally trying to steal user code and content

My support ticket number is 224402

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Any updates please I need my content and code .

Hi, did you search this forum, as I’m guessing that you didn’t. We are community members and we cannot reset your login or password, unblock your account or anything else related with accounts - including 2FA. The only way it can be resolved is by opening a ticket with the Account Issues option selected.

So, assuming that you did that, as you posted the ticket number, then all you can do now is wait. If you are a free user, then you will have to wait patiently since paying customers have their issues resolved first. Free users do not have a priority and will be dealt with sometime soon by Gitlab employees.

If you want priority assistance because you cannot wait patiently, then you would be better paying Gitlab for support. But until then, you will need to wait until they respond to your ticket.

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So Gitlab is blocking free user accounts intentionally so that they can be forced to purchase premium plans?

No you were blocked most likely because content in your repo was flagged for a reason maybe copyright or data that shouldnt have been there. It is possible the algorithm made a mistake though. People were blocked before for uploading stuff that didnt belong to them to distribute to others.

As I said, since you are a free user, you will have to wait for Gitlab to deal with your ticket as paying customers are a priority.

If you cannot wait for support, then perhaps you should have considered a paid account? You mention about using Gitlab for professional works, and you being impatient when expecting someone to unblock your “free” account immediately. If your work was so important, perhaps you should have been paying for support to guarantee being given assistance when things go wrong?

Alternatively, you can run your own Gitlab server and be the administrator of it. And then if something bad happens, eg: you lock your account or forget your 2FA/lose the device, you have the ability to unlock/unblock any time you want since you can do it yourself.

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Are you from gitlab sales department ?

No, I am just a community member explaining the situation and giving you options.