My gitlab account has been blocked. Contacting GitLab administrator as I think this is an error

ticket# 171700
I have tried to request a reset password several times, but no replies.

Hi @patrickhuangcheng ! I just saw the DM you sent me and responded there! :blush:

Thanks for the reply, dear community admin. However, the support has contacted me twice but hardly pushing the solution forward. I have to contact the administrator as I have prompted by the system as I think it’s an error.
The issue has kept me from my projects for over a week, which is relevant to my routine work. The unexpected issue has stricken my daily work in such an unregular year.
Thanks for understanding, and thanks for the wonderful website.
Hopefully, the misunderstanding could disappear quite soon.

I’m glad you let me know your experience so far. I went ahead and officially escalated your ticket just now so hopefully that helps speed things up! Thanks so much for your patience, and let me know when you hear from Support next!

Hi Linds,
Thanks for your help, and it’s solved. I will enable the two-factor authentication for preventing the invade.

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I have been blocked for over 15 days. I made an entry at

Glenn S.