No option to enable creation of group/project/user access tokens

I am trying to follow the instructions on this page as I need to create an access token to integrate with Hack-n-plan.

The page says there should be a setting entitled Users can create project access tokens and group access tokens in this group

There is no such setting on the page.

Please direct me to the proper way to enable this feature.

Best regards,

Greg Bradburn.

Same. My project tokens were deleted by gitlab. Cannot create a project token, says it has to be allowed but there is no such option.

I cannot deploy anything right now!!

If this is on then you cannot use Group Access Tokens without a subscription as shown in the screenshot in this post: Gitlab > Impossible to enable Group Access Token - #7 by dnsmichi

Also from the docs, to quote: Group access tokens | GitLab

on your own Gitlab installation, you can use group access tokens for free. Just not on

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Hey @dperetti, thanks for reaching out on the forum!

I saw your tweet and reached out on Twitter to help out. Like @iwalker mentioned, managing Group Access Tokens requires a subscription.

I’ll DM you here to discuss details and see if we can help with the situation.

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I’m fine with not being able to use group tokens (it’s always been like this). But my previous project tokens have been revoked and deleted, and I’m no longer able to create them back because it now requires a permission I cannot set.
Feels a bit like a low blow tbh, but maybe it was not intended!
I think the correct behaviour would be to let any user create a project token in the free plan, and require a paid plan to control this user permission.

Same here, I was previously able to use project/user tokens which no longer seem available.

It is possible that this project access token was set before Ultimate features were turned off in the free tier in 2022.

As a temporary workaround, you could sign up for a trial to re-create the project access token.

I’ve flagged this with our teams internally, and we’re looking into it. I’ll also share your feedback on project tokens and the free plan. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

New finding: in my old projects that are not part of a group, I can still create an access token.
It’s definitely when the project is part of a group that it has been impossible to create an access token (which makes little sense!).

Another finding: I’ve subscribed to an Ultimate trial, and…

  1. The Add Token button is present by default on the project access token page.
  2. But the Users can create project access tokens and group access tokens in this group option is still not there…! So if, now that I subscribed to an Ultimate trial, I wanted to restrict this ability, it looks like I could not :upside_down_face:.

Do we have any update on this? Is it going to be fixed?