Normie / Beginner Stuck Trying to Learn GitLab Pages

I am a normie, trying to understand / get less illiterate with web hosting with the intention of eventually building and hosting my own site, which will have a bunch of ThreeJs content. Sorry if I’m in the wrong place.

Why am I here?:

I am doing Bruno Simon’s “ThreeJs Journey” course, he recommends Vercel due to ease of use, etc…, but I read up on it and find that others have had experiences that make me not want to go that route. Perhaps that is a mistake on my part, but I am going to at least try exploring other options. I have heard good things about GitLab pages; on paper it appears to be a really good free option, so I’m here.

I am doing the 30-day trial, but hope to at least use GitLab Free as a ‘try things out’ platform, will explore paid options when / if the become necessary.

My issues:

I found GitLab documentation titled, “Create deployment for static site”, and I was trying to follow along / figure it out myself, but I feel stuck. This seems like really basic stuff, but I can’t find the answers / a lot of what I find looks like it might not be relevant.

  • Do I have to use gitlab’s Web IDE to build my site, or can I upload the build files I created locally / on my machine?

  • Is there a way around uploading one file at a time?

  • How do I take existing folders / directories and move them to the newly created ‘public’ folder / directory? Do I need to start over from scratch if I didn’t create the folders in the right sequence? This seems like a basic thing to be able to do, but I can’t seem to copy/paste or move directories from one to another. I tried it in the Web IDE, but nothing actually changed in the repo, even after I saved multiple times…

  • I don’t understand what a docker image is, why I need one, what the ‘correct’ one is, etc… I look for, and find documentation, but come away more confused as to whether or not what I’m reading is even relevant to what I want to do.

So I figured out the answer to my 3rd question. When using the Web IDE, one goes to the ‘source control’ tab and commits the changes. The interface is similar if not identical to VSCodium, which prompts me to install Git when I click the source control tab. Maybe I just need to learn Git in order for GitLab to make sense?

GitLab is based on Git. In GitLab you are working with Git repositories, you won’t be able to do/understand much without basic Git knowledge.

You will understand how to do it when you learn Git basics.

By default, all GitLab Pipelines are running within a Docker container. If you just use the pages: keyword and already have all your files in public folder you don’t need to know about it.