Pages are not available, despite congratulations message

More than a day ago I migrated a project from github to gitlab. Migration proceeded flawlessly, but somehow the web pages are not shown.

The project’s settings-pages entry shows

Congratulations! Your pages are served under:

(The project’s URL is

and that message is there for more than 24 h., but when opening that page I consistently receive a 404 error message that the page could not be found. I found comparable messages about relatively long delays, but none reported a delay of more than one full day, so I’m afraid I overlooked something.

I would appreciate receiving any suggestion about how to solve this issue


SOLVED: the problem was caused by a basic mistake I made when writing the .yml file. See also issue #3530:

I made the mistake of writing
cp -r pages .public
which of course copies the directory ‘pages’ rather than just its contents. Once I changed it into
cp -r pages/* .public
the pages appeared shortly thereafter