Pipeline pending for half an hour

my pipeline has also been stuck for a very long time - like this:

Can you pls help out?

I guess:

Q. What happens if I hit the CI/CD Minutes allotted limit and forget to purchase additional CI/CD Minutes?

A. You will not be able to run new jobs until you purchase additional CI/CD Minutes, or until the next month when you receive your monthly allotted CI/CD Minutes.

Hi. How do I check my alloted time ? I am not even near 1000 mins. Or is the limit for my whole company?


Same here. CI/CD stuck and I still have most of my minutes

This is an example:

EDIT: I realised that I hijacked your post and, after all, it might not be the same issue, so I will open another post.

direct post: Where to find how many CI/CD pipeline minutes i have used - #5 by Tristan

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It could also be because of service degradation with CI/CD, so you might need to wait: https://status.gitlab.com/

Thanks for your extensive support! seems that the status is ok now, I did not try yet. Hopefully fine again. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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