Private Groups No More Available?

Since today (first date in which the issue occurred to me) November 7, 2018 I am no more able to create private groups on my account. Independently from the location (in my home, inside my groups, etc.) whenever I hit the new group button, the group creation form opens without any possibility to choose a visibility level different from public (no radio buttons, no other options, nothing). This prevents me, for example, from creating private sub-groups of private groups as the private visibility of the parent group conflict with the visibility of the group being created (only public available, nothing else is shown). It is still possible to create a brand new top-level group as public and once created changing its visibility to private. But this is clearly sub-optimal and annoying.
The same issue is occurring to all guys with which I collaborate.
Anyone experiencing the same issue? Ideas for solutions? could it be a bug introduced by some of the last updates?

@dario.bonino This is a known issue that was caused by a regression. There’s an open issue for it here. We’re in the process of fixing this right now so it should be sorted out soon. In the meantime, if you’re creating a top level group you can simply create it as public and then change the visibility immediately afterward in Settings -> General to make the group private.

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