Recovering access to an account for a free user

Are there any ways to manually recover access to a free account if both the 2FA and recovery codes have been lost? I’d normally consider contacting support, but GitLab seems to not provide any support whatsoever to free users.

I can’t even create a new account, because I’ve linked a lot of third-party stuff like Google and GitHub into the account I’m now locked out.

Is there anything I can do to get access back, or is it hopeless?

If you had an SSH key uploaded to your account, then you can generate new code: Two-factor authentication | GitLab

As this question has already been asked a load of times already, you can see a lot of posts relating to this: Search results for '2fa account recover' - GitLab Forum when using 2fa account recover for searching. There might be some additional useful information in this posts for you to take a look at which also will no doubt include the link I provided above as well relating to generating your own 2fa recovery codes via ssh.

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