Recovering access to account


I haven’t use my 2FA enabled gitlab account with the email address for a long time now, and I would like to recover access to it. I do not have the recovery codes or the SSH key available, I only have access to the email address (and the associated password for the account) that the account is assigned to.

Can you help?



I’m guessing you didn’t search the forum before posting, because otherwise you would have found loads of posts with exactly this issue.

First, community members cannot help you with recovering your account, because we are not employees of Gitlab and therefore don’t have access to anything.

Second, Gitlab do not offer assistance for recovering free accounts, this was stopped a while back.

All the posts on the forum explain this. You can try this: Two-factor authentication | GitLab

but if you don’t have SSH access because you didn’t add an SSH key, then no, your account is not recoverable. You could try to open a support request with Gitlab, and maybe if you are lucky you could get your account recovered: Submit a request – GitLab, Inc.

Please search the forum before posting, it saves us having to repeat ourselves hundreds of times.

Thanks, I didn’t read the entire forum but I did read some posts related to recovering accounts, al ways for slightly different cases (recover password, had SSH keys, etc). In my case, as you say, I need to request Gitlab itself. Many thanks.

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