Reset license seats count after clone of GitLab instance and removal of users


I initially had a single GitLab instance (let call it instance#1) with a Starter license.

Then, I needed to create a new instance (instance#2) to “balance” the repositories across the two instances and refactor the user list on that second instance (the set of users needed to be different between the two instances).

So, I made a clone of instance#1 to create instance#2, then I removed the license on instance#2. And finally I removed/deleted the “unwanted” users/projects on instance#2.

Now, I want to get a new license for instance#2, but it seems that it has memorized the seats count from instance#1 and I cannot activate the license I bought for instance#2 with the new seats count (which is lower than the one I initially had on instance#1).

Is there a way to reset the license seats count on instance#2 so I can apply the new license I bought?

Jérôme Augé

Hi @jerome.auge ,

It sounds like you applied the license to multiple instances, but the mis-matching users are causing a false positive when checking for extra users.

While licenses can be applied to multiple instances, differences between the two instances in terms of username/email will cause GitLab to count these at two distinct users and seats.

I think the best path forward to resolve any discrepancy in users will be to contact the GitLab Support team to get help.

Please create a new support ticket for "License and Renewals Problems to get assistance from our Licensing team in finding a solution.

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