The account owner was transferred to me but is seems like i don't have admin privilege

the account owner was transferred to me by my predecessor that left the company…
but is seems like i don’t have access to user management now, we don’t have anyone with admin access

Is this on or on your own Gitlab server?

If your own server, then see these docs for resetting the root user password:

that will give you full admin access to your Gitlab server to be able to do everything you need to do.

Already answered its not on my server
Im using the saas version on

It wasn’t clear, since you didn’t write anything much.

that was what your reply looked like. I suggest replying properly with as much information as possible if you want someone to help you.

If on then we cannot help you, we are just community members, so you will have to open a support request with them directly here:

Although if you are a free user, you might not have much luck, since support is pretty much for users with purchased subscriptions. But you can try anyway.

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thanks for your answer, sorry if i wasn’t clear with my previous answer.
i’ll try to contact the support team as suggested.

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