Very poor readability due to colors of the new gitlab 8 Look

Hi guys,

I just updated to 8.1.2 from 7.11.4. Everything works really fine so far, but I have an issue with display colors. Some colored text lines are very hard to read on a light background. Actually I have to mark this section for easy reading.

The following image shows, that the text ‘last edit xy minutes ago’ is almost not readable without marking.

I have no idea what what might be wrong with my installation, because I am running the omnibus-package without any changes outside of the gitlab.rb (no sourcecode changes) on a centos 6. I tried to switch to other themes (application and syntax-highlighting user-wide), but these changes have no effect on this text class/area.

Edit: I tried several browser on windows and linux.

Thankful for any tips or hints.

Best regards,