Account deleted?

I haven’t logged into for a while but I do have many projects that were nowhere else.

I just tried to login now and failed. Once I tried forgot password, I never received the email.
I never received any warnings about account being deleted for inactivity.

I’m using with a free plan, what type of support channel can I contact for this?

Are you getting 404 when typing the direct username in the URL?{username}

No error all works fine

Thank you both for the quick replies.
I’ve opened a ticket at the link @iwalker provided. Not sure where I could have found it as all documentation mentions SaaS support is only for paid plans…

@yogi thanks for that debugging hint, completely forgot to check that. It does say my user is blocked, so I included that information in the ticket I opened. I hope I’m able to clear things up and unblock it or at least be able to clone all the repositories…


Account problems may require additional attention from the GitLab support team having permissions checking your account. General SaaS support is for the pair tiers only. The support ticket dropdown provides you with a login issue selection at this url.